Saturday, January 3, 2009

USB Jump Drive... in a watch?

USB drive watch.jpg

It's the weekend! And you know when the weekend rolls around, I always try to find some fun items to write about. Today, it's a James Bond worthy item that is even affordable. I'm a huge Bond fan and it probably has a direct correlation to my love of gadgets.

The photo above is definitely "spy worthy" but it's also a handy device to make sure your important backups aren't lost or misplaced. With concerns over HIPPA and data security, keeping track of both your data and the hardware it is on is of prime importance.

So, on to the gadget! The watch pictured above is not only a fully functional time piece, it also has a storage bay that will hold a 4GB capacity USB flash drive. The drive appears to be custom made to fit into the watch so not any old drive will do. It appears to be easy to remove and replace. I also like the appearance of the time piece. Most geek watches appear to be just that, but this one has styling that would make it easy for most to wear.

The device is only $49.99 and is available from Think Geek.

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  1. Wow!!! what a great idea... to use your watch as a USB drive... It will definitely helps while doing the spy things and also during our journey time as we can easily use it and format our system without any difficulty...
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