Monday, January 12, 2009

Prodrive Offers an Improvement over Traditional Air Driven Turbines

This week I will be putting the Prodrive System through its paces in my office. Prodrive is a unique system. They have changed the turbine and the chuck in the traditional air driven handpiece.

The bur is triangular in shape and engages a triangular shaped chuck. This decreases slip in the chuck and increases the amount of torque a handpiece can generate since none of the rotational energy is lost due to bur slippage. It should also decrease bur whip since the bur spins more concentrically due to greater engagement with the chuck.

The burs are machined to fit the chuck like a hand in a glove. This unique bur and turbine system may very well change the way we deal with handpieces in our profession.

I had a hands-on with the system last week in a lab environment and came away impressed. This week I'll be putting a Kavo adapted handpiece into a side by side comparison with an "off the shelf" Kavo system. I'll let you know my findings by the end of the week.

If you'd like to see more info on Prodrive, you can check out the company website.

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