Sunday, January 4, 2009

LG Announces a Mobile Phone Watch with 3G Capabilities

LG 3G watch.jpg

Keeping with the watch theme of this weekend's posts, I humbly present the LG 3G watch. Dubbed the LG-GD910 (who comes up with these model names anyway?) the device is truly a phone on your wrist.

With the Consumer Electronics Show launching, we'll be seeing lots of gadgets, some practical and some not so much. The device has a tiny 1.4 inch touchscreen that even features built-in video conferencing (I'm not sure how you're exactly supposed to video conference from your wrist. I have a hard enough time staying in front of a non-moving webcam.)

It also has an MP3 player, text-to-speech functionality, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The face is 0.6 inches thick which, for the digitally impaired, is just a bit over 1/2 inch. It's also water resistant although I personally would do everything within my power to keep such a device from getting even the least bit damp.

The best part for me is the speed. Its rumored to be capable of 7.2Mbps.

Although this is speculation I'm pretty sure this will require recharging ala the old Spot Watches. I've never been a big fan of that as I tend to have a watch on at all times and I don't relish the idea of one I have to recharge.

However, this is definitely a cool piece of technology. Maybe someday we'll all be wearing something similar.

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  1. I've actually looked at the LG phone watches and really liked the look of them - they're just too darn expensive! I spotted a sleakish one on mobile phone and have ordered one for my wife for Valentines Day - got to watch the pennies!