Saturday, January 24, 2009

Innermost Half Pint Glasses

Welcome to the weekend edition of the blog! In keeping with the tradition of cooler more fun posts on the weekend, I present the Innermost Half Pint Glass.

These aesthetic lovelies are provide a pretty cool view of your libation as long as it isn't clear. I love the idea of seeing my Guinness floating in air. That being said they would probably be a big hit at a party where the "meal in a can" malted beverage might not fit in.

They are a double walled half-pint glass that has a layer of air between the glass walls to help insulate the beverage and therefore help it keep its optimal temperature. Never mind the insulation (which makes sense), I'm just enjoying the floating effect. A set of 2 will set you back $32 and they come gift box.

If you would like to order them, click here.

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