Friday, January 2, 2009

The iLuv iHD171 iTunes Tagging Radio

Here is a neat idea for the music lovers who read the blog. The iLuv company has come up with a nice music system that incorporates several great features. The device pictured above is the iLuv iHD171 HD Radio. It has a docking station on top that is compatible with iPods as well as iPhones allowing a connection as well as charging the device.

It also has 2 alarm clocks and a TV output so that you can watch videos from your iPod on a nearby television. It also has a AM/FM receiver and a display that shows the song title. However, that's not all. The iHD171 also has support for HD Radio and perhaps the neatest feature of all if you own an iPod.

The iHD171 has a feature called iTunes Tagging. Basically what that means is that when listening to a HD broadcast, the user can "tag" a song and save the info on any connected device. This allows you to have the information available if/when you are ready to download the song.

It should be available soon. The rumored price is $199.00

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