Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Enhance Your Clinical Skills and Develop Financial Freedom at Cosmedent’s Center for Esthetic Excellence

Here is a press release I received today from Cosmedent:

Cosmedent’s Center for Esthetic Excellence (CEE) announces its new courses for 2009. The CEE features the most comprehensive courses in direct resin bonding and offers many unique lecture/hands-on programs designed to enhance your clinical skills and enable you to achieve financial freedom during these economically challenging times. With a world-class faculty of some of the top 100 lecturers as identified by Dentistry Today, Cosmedent’s CEE is dedicated to the continuous advancement of esthetic dentistry.

For information, or to request the current 2009 calendar of courses, contact Erika Heier at The Center for Esthetic Excellence at 800-837-2321. Or visit www.cosmedent.com.

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