Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digital Handwriting from Talario

If you are wanting to move into a paperless office environment but can't think of a good way to get all your paper forms, health history info, etc into a digital format that patients can still fill out, explore Xpaper from Talario.

This turnkey system comes with a special digital Logitec pen and software that allows you to print forms on a paper with a special almost invisible array of dots on it. The pen has ink and is used just like a normal pen. However, it also has digital sensing built in which allows it to see the grid and remember what the pen is doing. When you are done with the pen, dock it to your computer via USB and the document is automatically downloaded and created in a pdf format.

Sound interesting? I'll be putting it through its paces in the next few weeks. I should get the install done early next week and will report back once I've had adequate time. If it works as advertised, this could make things much easier.

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