Monday, January 19, 2009

Dell announces 256GB Solid State Drive as laptop option

Progress and father time just keep marching along. Not long ago I was touting the advantages of SSDs (Solid State Drives) for their durability. Of course that was when I was touting the unbelievable 30GB model. Now Dell can give you one in your new laptop with a capacity of 256GB!

SSD's are a great option because they have no moving parts (think jump drives and/or flash memory) so they are much more durable and not subject to nearly as much damage if dropped or bumped.

I'm still thinking that at some point, the normal hard drive we've all known will cease to exist and be replaced by the SSD. Personally I can't wait. The failure rate has got to be lower due to the lack of moving parts.

The option from Dell will set you back $4oo. As an interesting aside, 6 months ago a 128GB SSD from Dell was $450. As progress marches on, prices keep falling.

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