Sunday, December 7, 2008

Zoombak helps you keep track of the people, pet, and stuff you love

Zoombak logo Here's an interesting system for those of us who are wanting to know the location of our most important things.  Zoombak makes a line of GPS locators that allow you to precisely know where the things carrying them are.

Using a system called "A-GPS" (Assisted Global Positioning System), the Zoombak module accesses both GPS and cellular systems to provide a more accurate location.

When you want to know the location of one of your units, you can log onto and view a map of the units current location as well as its location history.  You can set up boundaries that if the device crosses it you will get e-mail and text message warnings.

The system comes in multiple flavors for cars, stuff (like backpacks and laptop cases), and pets.  There is a monthly fee for the service with multiple payment plans.

Overall it looks like a system worth considering if there are things you would like to keep tabs on.  Check it out at 

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