Sunday, December 28, 2008

A very Roomba Christmas

Rooma Well, even though it meant I risked being sent to The Doghouse, this Christmas I gave my wife the gift of a vacuum cleaner.  Now before anyone (ladies) gets upset with me, let me state up front that my wife had requested this gift.

On Christmas Eve, my lovely bride opened the gift of a Roomba model 560 by iRobot.  It was purchased via my Amazon Prime account (thanks again Ben!) and arrived without my having to even sniff the mall.

Let me say, as someone who really loves and lives technology, this thing is amazing!  All you do is give it a full charge and then hit the "Clean" button.  The device leaves its base/charging station and immediately begins to clean the room.  When it has finished, it locates and returns to the charging base station, parks itself, and begins to recharge.

After turning it loose in 2 different rooms, my wife has declared it "one of the best Christmas gifts ever!"  It leaves no dirt behind, does a great job along the baseboards, and requires no user intervention at all.  You can even program it to clean on a schedule if you so desire.

We have a black lab and for those of you familiar with the breed you know that shedding is a real problem.  Now with the Roomba our rooms can be vacuumed as often as we'd like with no effort on our part.  If you've been considering purchasing one of these devices, I say get out the credit card.  You'll be very glad you did!

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