Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Planning on a new PC for the holidays? Remove the add-on bloatware for FREE!

In case you haven't noticed, most new Windows machines come pre-loaded with all kinds of stuff that you didn't ask for and chances are... you don't want. The tech slang is "crapware" although I prefer to call it bloat. Either way, you get all these programs that consume disk space, memory resources, and nag at you to buy the "full version" of the program.

Getting rid of this stuff can be difficult and time consuming. Some manufacturers will sell you a machine without the stuff, but they want to be compensated for that. What? Well it boils down to money. These software companies are paying the computer manufacturer to place their programs on these machines. It lowers the price to the end consumer, but it also impedes new computer performance. Then, of course, their is the heartburn of the user trying to remove all the garbage that they didn't want on there in the first place.

To the rescue comes They have a special offer for the holidays that is just plain amazing. They will remove all of this unwanted junk for FREE. It's nice to know that the consumer finally has a way to deal with this. Nice job!!! Read on for the offer from the website.

Here's the deal: Most new computers come loaded with as much as 300 MB of free software and trials.

Gartner estimates that 293 million computers will be shipped worldwide in 2008, so that is more than 92 million gigabtyes of system-clogging bloatware delivered this year alone.

On the surface, free software may seem like a good deal—until you dig deeper and realize that most of it quickly expires or provides limited functionality, takes up valuable disk space and may even interfere with other programs. We've removed nearly 8.5 million gigabytes of unwanted software from personal and small business computers this year alone, and are on a mission to double that by the end of 2008.

So, we are offering to remove the crap from systems for FREE. Just call 1-800-PC-Support or log on to, and a friendly, North America-based solutions engineer will “seek and destroy” the offenders while you sit back and watch. Simple as that.

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