Monday, December 22, 2008

Password Manager Increases Security for You and Your Browser

Let's face it, passwords are a necessary evil in today's computing world. We all know the rules of security such as: don't use the same password for everything, use random numbers & letters, don't use your pet's name, etc, but it's tough to come up with all these different combinations and then remember them all, let alone enter them correctly when you visit the site.

To the rescue comes Large Software with their product Password Manager. Rather than letting your browser remember the passwords, this product will work with a variety of browsers. It can also be used with other applications such as chat clients.

It can be loaded on a jump drive and taken to any Windows PC and won't leave a trace on the host computer. You can use the program and access all of your sites with no fear of leaving information behind for someone else to find.

  • Password Manager remembers usernames and passwords for ANY web page or application.
  • Password Manager prevents password theft. Passwords that are automatically stored by Internet Explorer or Foxfire are potentially available to other users, but with Password Manager, login information and passwords are only available when the password storage database is unlocked by an authorized user.
  • Password Manager allows you to travel anywhere and rely on its innovative technology, even in unsecured places like Internet caf├ęs and other public areas.
  • Password Manager has the capability of managing multiple passwords for a single website or application.
  • Password Manager protects you from phishing scams. Password Manager’s intelligent form filler will only auto fill your login information for sites it recognizes, protecting your highly confidential information from predator websites.
  • Password Manager also protects you from keylogging (the unauthorized monitoring of your key strokes by a third party).
  • Large Software’s Password Manager always keeps your personal information confidential, thus providing you reassurance and security when online.
Add to all these features that the program costs just $29.95 and it's a no-brainer. Treat yourself to Christmas early this year and download this program. I've been using it and have had a wonderful experience. I'm confident you will too!

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