Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Technology for Bone Regeneration

Here is an interesting idea form RegenTec. It's a mold-able matrix for bone repair. I can envision this being something that could be adapted for use in ridge augmentation and other similar dental procedures. Here is the info from the company website:

RegenTec’s patented injectable polymer scaffolds are also designed to deliver cells, adhesion peptides and growth factors directly to the tissue repair site if required. The scaffolds can be either injected or moulded and solidify within minutes of delivery, creating a space-filling material with an architecture and environment suitable for efficient tissue repair. This injectable macroporous 3D scaffold represents a novel approach to in situ tissue repair and includes the following advantages:

  • An open pore structure which aids cell attachment, migration, and tissue development
  • Scaffold solidification occurs at body temperature, is non-toxic, and can be used to encapsulate and deliver cells at the site of injection
  • Growth factors can be incorporated into the system for controlled release
  • A system readily adaptable for its end application (e.g. porosity, architecture, protein encapsulation, material composites)

When a tissue develops or repairs itself a “regenerative niche” is formed comprising cells, 3D template, extracellular matrix and growth factors. RegenTec’s scaffold technology is able to combine the all these key components into one environment which is optimal for tissue repair. In simple applications the cells, extracellular matrix and growth factors are provided by the patient’s own tissue neighbouring the repair site. In such applications, RegenTec’s scaffolds provide the 3D template within which the body’s own response can be orchestrated. In more challenging applications, stem cells, matrix and/or growth factors must be provided within the 3D template. The versatility of RegenTec’s scaffolds ensures compatibility with these requirements.

RegenTec is building a diverse product portfolio by enhancing our injectable scaffold platform with a range of add-on technologies with specific benefits. These patent protected methods include:

Protein Loaded Particles for Controlled Delivery

The incorporation of growth factors within the particles results in a scaffold that serves as both a structural support and a matrix for tissue growth. One preferred method of particle manufacture involves the use of a novel Supercritical Fluid (SCF) technique. This approach provides a low temperature, solvent-free process for incorporating delicate protein therapeutics into polymers.

Controlled Cell Aggregation

Stem cells need to be held in complex 3D colonies to promote functionality. RegenTec has a method of controlling the formation of cell-rich 3D structures. This allows cells to assemble into dense structures with controlled internal architecture. This technology may be used as an additional component of our injectable platform.

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