Monday, December 29, 2008

Is Poken (or some derivative) the next New Thing?

I was nosing around the Internet the other day when I came across this interesting concept. Although currently aimed at the younger generation (and probably teenagers more specifically) I can see this concept having advantages in business although with less "cartoony"type hardware.

The idea behind Poken is networking. The Poken is a small USB device that you enter your contact info into. When you meet someone that also has one, you press their hands together in a "high five" and your info is swapped. RF technology moves the info. When you get home and connect the device to the USB port of your computer, the new contact info is transferred automatically. You don't need to write down e-mail addresses, exchange phone numbers, etc. It makes all contact info electronic. The device can hold 64 contacts before its memory is full and it needs to be connected to your computer to transfer the info and empty the memory.

The info is transferred to the doyoupoken website where you can access it.

Back in the day, we geeky types were doing this sort of thing with IR swapping of business cards via PDA's. If this technology catches on, I can see it being helpful in the business world, but only with a more mature appearing device.

The cost is only around $15 for the Poken. More info from the website.

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