Monday, December 15, 2008

InfoStreet unveils Smart Email under its new AJAX-enabled IT software for Optimal Work Efficiency

TARZANA, Calif. (December 16, 2008) – InfoStreet Inc., ( SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, a suite of Web-based, IT productivity software, announced today that it is responding to market demand for improved workplace efficiencies with an enhanced software suite that will target small- to mid-sized businesses. Much as email has become an absolute “must have” for today's businesses, InfoStreet executives predict that the company’s new Smart Email solution will become the next wave in email efficiency. Email is the ultimate delivery mechanism, however, tagging, categorizing, prioritizing and organizing conversation threads has become a new challenge, in particular when it is concerning tasks within an office. With StreetSmart's workflow, smart emails are generated that identify the task at hand, its due date, the person who it is assigned to, those involved in the task’s development, the category, priority, and most importantly its status. In addition, users can look at their task inbox and tend to them based on priority, category, status and age. Big projects or small tasks can be tracked through their process without loosing a single step making workers more efficient and jobs easier to trace and finalize.
The new generation of StreetSmart's workflow software offers tighter integration across applications. Built on the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) “engine”, the new interface will provide marked improvement in speed and responsiveness and will give users a more streamlined workflow experience. Since time is money, InfoStreet’s new applications save companies both.

“As pioneers of SaaS, we feel confident that users of this new system will leave their old ways of getting work done and use - StreetSmart to improve work efficiency,” explains Siamak Farah, CEO for InfoStreet. “We often hear from our customers that they are looking for every advantage to stay ahead of the competition and offer excellent services or goods to their customers even though most or doing more with less.”

Farah continued, “one of the things that we can offer with our new AJAX-enabled platform is a stronger workflow that improves effectiveness and efficiency. By streamlining the operations of companies and increasing communication and collaboration amongst employees, StreetSmart can significantly lower traditional IT cost, leaving budget dollars for other functions that help growth. This is a definite competitive advantage.”

In addition, InfoStreet will offer these StreetSmart upgrades at no additional charge to the company’s current customers. With InfoStreet’s ongoing commitment to Web 2.0 SaaS functionality, StreetSmart’s diverse user base will routinely receive the latest in applications and tools.

About InfoStreet
InfoStreet is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. Widely regarded as a SaaS pioneer, as early as 1994, InfoStreet began shaping a vision, a team and a technology which is now transforming the way business gets done. InfoStreet fully delivers the benefits of SaaS to tens of thousands through its rich, web-based, IT, Productivity and Groupware oriented software applications.

InfoStreet’s SaaS platform, StreetSmart, complete with functions such as Virus and SPAM protected Email, Email Archiving, Calendar, Tasks, CRM, File Sharing, Knowledge Base, Mailing Lists, Portal, Web Site Publishing and more, is fully hosted and managed, enabling it to seamlessly blend with or become any organization's IT infrastructure.

For more information, go to or call 818-776-8080.

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