Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Foxit Creates a Kindle Rival - the eSlick

Foxit has entered the ebook market. The company developed a software alternative to Adobe's PDF viewer and has now expanded the "viewing" market to include an ebook reader to compete with the Sony PRS-500 and PRS-700 as well as the Amazon Kindle. The eSlick reader is available via preorder for $229.99.

Reading material is loaded via USB from a computer (as opposed to wireless CDMA service on the Kindle). It is lighter than both the Sony models and the Kindle while featuring a lighter overall weight. The screen is 600x800 and uses the same E Ink that its competitors also use. It comes with an MP3 player built-in, 128MB of memory, and an SD slot.

Rising tides float all boats and this is one more indication that reading books on an electronically formatted device is starting to catch on. If you want more info, you can read more on the company website.

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