Monday, December 8, 2008

FlareSafe LED Torch

The FlareSafe is a pretty nice idea. Whether you are a camper, hiker, or just looking for a nice light to keep in your car, the FlareSafe is an ideal safety device to have around. In addition to being a powerful LED flashlight (I love LED's!), it's also a smoke detector, and a distress alarm.

The light has a 4 LED array which can be set to full beam, 1/2 beam for use as a reading lamp, and SOS strobe. On full, the beam has a visibility of 2km which should be pretty bright.

The smoke detector is not always on, but when activated it sounds and alarm and flashes the light. This would be ideal for those who love camping.

The SOS mode has an ear-splitting distress alarm, which can be heard up to 500m away for over 60 hours.

It's a bit pricey at $84.95, but considering what it contains, you would probably spend more on 3 different devices... if you could find them.

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