Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apple Mail Issue... solved!!!

appe logo If you've been having trouble with Apple Mail on your Mac since updating to OS X 10.5.6, read on.  For you non-Mac folks out there, don't let your Mac friends smirk when you have problems.  We Mac people have them too, its usually just not as often.

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my OS X to the latest version 10.5.6  Immediately following the update, I noticed a problem with Mail.  Whenever I would attempt to open a message with an attachment, the program would hang for a minute and then just shut down... poof!

I tried deleting the offending message and everything else I could think of, but no joy.  I was forced to use Thunderbird to read messages with attachments and, of course, any message I had saved that had an attachment could no longer be read.  Needless to say, it was a pain.

However, last night I had some free time and decided to try and tackle the issue again.  I found that the OS X update was supposed to update Mail to version 3.5, but for some reason my Mail program was reporting it was version 3.1 which I found weird.  I tried running the full Mac combo update and even that didn't help.  No matter what I tried, Mail kept reporting it was version 3.1

Finally I decided to see where the Mail 3.5 version might be and did a Spotlight search for the term "mail.app".  Lo and behold I had two Mail.app on the hard drive!  One was for version 3.1 and one was for version 3..5

Clicking on the icon for 3.5 allowed all mail functions with  no problems.  I deleted the offending application and the problem is gone.

I'm not sure why or how the problem started, but I hope this post is helpful to anyone stuck with the same situation.

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