Friday, December 26, 2008

30% Discount on Lexi-Comp® ONLINE™ for Dentistry

My buddies at Lexi-Comp have an incredible deal for those looking to purchase before the new year. Here are the details:

For a limited time, receive 30% off the retail price of Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry! Offer expires 12-31-08. Simply enter coupon code LEX30D at checkout!

With Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry –

* Implement patient-specific drug interaction analysis in your office workflow
* Save customized office regimens with OFFICE Rx for quick interaction screening
* Obtain immediate DENTAL ALERTS on medications that may influence treatment or cause harmful effects to the patient
* Access Dental Lexi-Drugs®, the industry's leading dental-specific pharmacology resource
* Enjoy clear, concise, point-of-care content – updated daily!

Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Dentistry includes 16 dental databases & modules:

* Dental Lexi-Drugs
* Dental Alerts/Lexi-Interact
* Oral Soft Tissue Diseases
* Oral Hard Tissue Diseases
* Periodontics
* Endodontics
* Implants
* Oral Surgery
* Clinical Dentistry
* ...and more!

Retail price is $399, but with the discount code the price is $280!

For more info or to order, click here!

Happy Holidays!

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