Friday, November 28, 2008

Tivo Movies on Demand with Amazon

I absolutely love my Tivo. It has truly changed the way I watch TV. AAMOF, I didn't watch much TV until we installed the device a few years ago. The ability to "time shift" and watch your shows when you want to was a huge part of it. When combined with the ability to have the device grab certain titles whenever they were available, any show featuring a specified actor, and the "season pass" option to record entire seasons, this thing became a no-brainer in the Flucke household.

Once the device is activated and on your home wireless network, you can send requests to it over the Internet to record shows. I've actually sent a record request from my phone while having dinner so that I could watch a show when I got home. It is nothing short of amazing!

Now there is an improvement for network connected Tivo's. Amazon, Net Flix, and some other vendors have now partnered with Tivo to allow download and viewing of movies. The process is fairly simple. You need to have an account with the service you want to use, you go to their site via Tivo, select the movie, and select download.

On Wednesday we decided to spend Thanksgiving evening watching a movie. We accessed our Amazon account and selected the movie for download. Once you begin viewing, you have 24 hours to complete the movie before it expires.

Of course you don't own the movie, this is just an easier and more green way to rent them.

The experience was easy and highly enjoyable.

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