Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Scoop on Dentrix G3

In case you hadn't heard, here's what's new in DENTRIX G3:

· On-line Patient Questionnaires (with eCentral your patients can complete on-line)

· Re-tooled Document Center (yes you can attach a pdf file, and more!)

· Integrated Patient Education (with Guru... actually ships with Guru player and standard library)

· Re-designed Perio Chart (more modern look, more flexibility)

· And about 396 other features and enhancements (more than 4,000 different user enhancement requests were satisfied with this upgrade)

· Lab testing shows the chart is 33% faster than the DENTRIX G2 chart, which is good news

You can learn much more about DENTRIX G3 at www.dentrix.com. Feature details and system requirements can be found there for your convenience.

Remember, if you're currently subscribed to a Customer Service Plan you received DENTRIX G3 automatically as part of the many benefits of being a subscriber. Some other benefits of being subscribed to the plan include toll-free technical assistance, a basic website, access to the DENTRIX knowledgebase, access to more than 41 on-line training courses, 1GB of eBackup, The Computerized Dentist newsletter, and preferred customer discounts.

What's the one other reason to upgrade?

The one other reason why you want to upgrade to DENTRIX G3 now is because DENTRIX G4 is completing its testing this month. Upgrading to DENTRIX G3 now will give your team time to learn the new features above and then be ready for the new features found in DENTRIX G4. Some of our customers will receive DENTRIX G4 before the end of the year; most will receive it next quarter 2009.

DENTRIX G4 is a version of DENTRIX that every one of our customers will find real. How so? Because every feature and enhancement was requested by our customers. In short, the top customer-requested enhancements is the feature list for DENTRIX G4--a list 230 features long! Watch this message board for more information soon!

Dentrix Users Conference: The Business of Dentistry

Another quick note: The 2nd annual Dentrix Users Conference will be held at the lovely Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas June 11-14, 2009. Please mark your calendars today and reserve time for you and your staff to sharpen your DENTRIX skills, network with other DENTRIX practices, learn valuable business skills from the most respected consultants in the profession, and see the classy side of Vegas. More will be posted as soon as the website goes live. The first users conference in Snowbird was extraordinary. See www.redrocklasvegas.com for resort information.

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