Sunday, October 12, 2008

SureFlap Creates the Hight Tech Cat Door

Here's a pretty cool idea from SureFlap. In the old days, a pet door would keep the elements our, but that was about it. Any pet could simply nose the door open and come on inside. Not the most secure system to be sure.

SureFlap works with your cat's existing RFID chip (you do have your pets chipped, right?) to open the door only to your pets. The idea is a pretty good one. Here is the skinny on how and why it works from the SureFlap website. Read on for details:

SureFlapTM cat flaps recognise the ID chip already implanted in your cat, allowing access to your pet and making unwanted visitors a thing of the past. Your home becomes a secure environment for your pet, leading to a happier, more relaxed animal.

No need for a collar or tag which can get lost or even worse caught on branches, etc.

Operation of SureFlapTM couldn’t be simpler. Once the unit is installed and the batteries put in place, the flap can be put into learn mode. The next time your cat passes through the flap, the unique ID code of its chip is put into memory. Now SureFlapTM unlocks whenever your cat wants to come into the house.

Multiple cats are no problem. Up to 32 cats can be programmed into the flap at the same time.

Battery life
Typical battery life is greater than 6-months. A low battery indicator is provided to tell you when replacement batteries are needed.

Manual lock
The 4-way manual lock allows you to lock the door in any combination of in/out. For example vet mode allows your cat to enter the house but keeps him inside for the next trip to the vet.

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