Saturday, October 4, 2008

Evaluating the DreamKeeper DK-400

dreamkeeper dk-400

I've gotten an interesting device to evaluate, and like most of these things, I'm going to use myself as the test subject.

You are probably asking yourself, "What is the DreamKeeper?"  It's an interesting device that is designed to induce sleep by stimulating nerves in the wrist in a way similar to acupuncture.

Many Americans (some studies indicate the number is greater than 50%) suffer from insomnia due to a variety of reasons.  The DreamKeeper aims to help those people by providing a drug-free alternative to traditional cures for insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.


Here is some info from the company:

The DreamKeeper DK400 is a sleep-aid device that is designed to help improve sleepiness as well as sleep quality and length. DreamKeeper DK400 is based on traditional Chinese acupuncture principles which have been proven as an effective solution for insomnia for more than 5,000 years.
The DreamKeeper DK400 stimulates the median nerves on the inside of the wrist through gentle electrostatic pulses and adjustable vibration. The median nerves (P6 or Point 6 - Neiguan in acupuncture) have been shown to affect the nerve stimulation responsible for relaxation. In addition, the DreamKeeper DK400 offers a Breath Synchronization Program (BSP), which uses an innovative prolonging massage frequency to guide your breathing pattern into that of a person falling asleep. DreamKeeper DK400 improves sleep disorder problems when used daily for 30 minutes before sleep.
A double blind study showed that stimulating the acupressure point P6 may increase deep sleep up to 14% and extend the total sleeping time by up to 78 minutes. The combination of electrostatic pulses and vibration may also promote blood circulation.
The DreamKeeper DK400 aims to be a drug free solution to sleeplessness and/or frequent awakening during the sleep cycle. The DreamKeeper DK400 is non invasive, non addictive, and has no side effects.

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