Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anantomage InVivo 3D Software

I had a demo this evening of the InVivoDental 3D software and came away very impressed. Although the demo was only about an hour I got a nice overview of the product.

It allows for complete 3D treatment planning for implant placement. This means you can select your brand and size of implant then literally put it into the volume and orient it in all 3 dimensions. This allows the doctor to do all of the difficult aspects of planning the case in the software which means more predictable surgical placement. The benefits are easier and more precise placement of the implant.

There are a variety of views available and the overall "feel" of the software is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Especially of interest is the software's ability to stitch images together. If your CDCT machine does not provide a full volumetric scan, you can take two scans of the patient (one of the upper portion of the skull and one of the standard portion usually obtained). The software can then merge (stitch) the 2 images together. Although this isn't always a necessity, it's nice to have when you need it.

There are lots of other good features, but I won't go into all of them here. The price is less than $10K US. If you currently have a CBCT unit and want to upgrade your software or if you are sending patients out for scans and want to do more treatment planning on your own, take a tour of InVivo. I think you will be impressed.

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