Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amazon Kindle 2.0 really does exist!

There were rumors a month or two ago about the Amazon Kindle being updated. Version 2.0 was rumored to be coming before the 2008 holiday season. However, about as fast as the rumors appeared on the scene, Amazon moved to squash them. They stated that at some point in time there would be another version, but it wouldn't be until late second quarter 2009 at the earliest.

Well, now how do you explain the picture above? Although it's not available yet, the photo is either of Kindle 2.0 or a very good job of faking it.

Rumors are a joystick instead of a scroll wheel, no integrated SD slot (but 1.5Gb of memory), rounded edges, and more ergonomically placed page buttons.

Not sure if this is the real deal, but it is interesting nonetheless.

A special thanks to my good friend David for giving me the lead on this.

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