Monday, September 29, 2008

Wireless No-Touch backup may be a reality soon

Check this out! The above picture is of the Imation Apollo Pro WX. It is the first WUSB hard drive to hit the market. What does this mean? WUSB (Wireless USB) means that this device will provide incremental backups for a computer whenever it is in range of the device it is backing up. Bring home your laptop, fire it up, and as soon as the Apollo recognizes it, the backup process begins seamlessly and wirelessly. Pretty sweet.

Drive sizes will range from 250GB to 1.5TB.

No word on price or availability, but the rumor is you can get one in the fourth quarter this year... and that's just around the corner. Of course it's a the first of its kind so there may be some high prices and possibly some glitches, but for a "set it and forget it" backup. This is a great idea.

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