Sunday, September 14, 2008


Lincolnwood, IL – September 17, 2008 – Dr. Sheri Doniger, one of the nation’s most prominent woman dentists, recently announced the launch of a new lecture and training series, entitled “Winning over the Woman Dentist.”

According to Dr. Doniger, “In the past, a ‘one size fits both genders’ product development, marketing, and sales approach seemed to work, but it really didn’t. Lost opportunities didn’t seem to have an obvious impact on the bottom line because the woman dentist was a minority.”

The status quo of a male-dominated profession is rapidly changing. According to Volume 1 of the 2006-07 Survey of Dental Education report series, women made up 43.2% of first-year students. “This shift may impact the bottom lines of manufacturers and distributors who are not able to adapt,” explains Dr. Doniger.

Dr. Doniger’s lecture and training sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of any manufacturer, distributor, or association, whether it be a 1-hour or ½-day session. Topics of discussion include:

• Woman-Friendly Product Ergonomics and Office Design
• Woman-Focused Marketing Communications
• How to Sell to Women Dentists
• Trade Show Etiquette

For more information about “Winning over the Woman Dentist,” including available dates, contact Erin Foster at 732-389-4500, ext. 128 or

About Sheri Doniger, DDS

Sheri B. Doniger, DDS is a leading dental clinician, author, educator, and consultant who currently practices dentistry in Lincolnwood, IL. Dr. Doniger has authored numerous articles on topics ranging from periodontal disease to effective communications, and has presented many lectures with an ongoing focus on women in the dental industry. She is also an active member of numerous professional societies, including the American Association of Women Dentists, the American College of Dentists, Chicago Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Illinois Dental Society. Furthermore, Dr. Doniger is the editor of the respected online publication, Woman Dentist e-Journal.

Most recently, she was named clinical director of Lanmark Group, a full-service, business-to-business advertising, marketing, and communications agency specializing in brand empowerment. In this role,
Dr. Doniger provides Lanmark with ongoing insight, feedback, and validation on a variety of marketing and communications functions, including campaign strategies, product evaluations, training programs, clinical article reviews, public relations, key opinion leader recruitment, ad concept development, and continuing education program development and research.

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