Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rossy crosses English Channel on Wing

Keeping with my tradition of trying to keep things cool and more "off the wall" for my weekend posts, here is news of a first in many senses of the word.

Youtube phenomenon Yves Rossy, a Swiss adrenaline junkie has been making headlines for a while now. He has developed and flown an true "flying wing" that he attaches to himself. This allows him to fly as a human jet. The device has jet engines, burns jet fuel, and allows him to actually fly like a plane or a bird. There have been a few Youtube videos of him and I've been fascinated by the whole concept. He jumps out of a plane with the wing attached, fires up the engines, flies, then parachutes to Earth.

This weekend, Rossy flew his wing across the English Channel. The 22 mile trip is the longest he has ever accomplished and was his attempt to recreate the historic first ever air crossing of the Channel by French aviator Louis Bleriot 99 years ago.

This video doesn't really do the technology justice, but it does show what he can do.

I want to know where I can get one of those things...

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