Monday, September 22, 2008

Maverick Mobile

Have you ever had your cell phone stolen? If so you know the angst and agony of the loss. You also know the frustration it can cause as you try to recreate your contacts and other info. To the rescue comes Maverick Mobile. Not only can they help you with your data, they can also make life a bit more difficult for the thief. From the company website:

What is Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM)?

Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM) is a security application. Secure mobile helps you protect your data, track your stolen device, retrieve your phonebook & disable the stolen device remotely.The application works in hidden mode and cannot be viewed in the device, To launch / customize this application one has to press pre defined short keys and password. After installing MSM in the device one must add “Reporting contact” in the application. Reporting contact can be your second number/friends number or any other mobile number on which you want to receive all the reports.

1. Protect your data :

In case of theft/loss, The moment SIM change is detected, Secure mobile will encrypt all the data on the device like the phonebook, images, messages etc. Now one can be assured about the privacy or misuse of the data on the device.

2. Track Device :

In case of loss/theft the application will send the phone number, device id, country code, operator name and area code(location) to the reporting device through sms. Secure Mobile will also report about activities performed on the stolen device via SMS. like Outgoing Calls Made to | Incoming Calls Received From | SMS Delivered to -----along with TEXT | New contacts Added to Phone book------Detailed

3. Retrieve Phonebook :

The most important data on any device are the contacts. Using MSM one can retrieve phonebook from the stolen device, the entire phonebook will be retrieved by sending sms contact=all from the reporting device. As soon as the stolen device receives sms it will start sending the entire phonebook through SMS, and this by using the data plan of the thief.

4. Spy Call :

If the owner calls from reporting device to the stolen device, it will be termed as Spy Call. Spy call will switch on the loudspeaker & Mic of the stolen device remotely, so that the caller can actually listen to the conversation other person is engaged in. This call will not give any notification/ ring to the stolen device. The person who receives spy call will not be able to know he is being called by owner. Even if he comes to know about spy call, he cannot disconnect the spy call.

5. Raise an alarm and disable the phone :

To disable stolen device remotely, send sms = hang from the Reporting device to the stolen device, and it will raise an alarm and start playing a loud Siren. MSM will also display a customized message. Here, one can put his Name, Address, alternate number and award amount.

6. Data Back up :

Secure Mobile has a distinctive feature of incremental Data Back up. Using this feature one can back up all the data from the device to secure remote server using GPRS. So now all your data is very much secured and you can retrieve it without any hassle.
All the above mentioned features can be used even if the SIM is not changed,
a. In case the device is lost by sending SMS “Activate” from the reporting device.
b. For Parental control of child’s mobile device by sending SMS “Track” from reporting device

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  1. The only problem is that this product does not exist. They showed a demo, that was it. This is also a copy of applications that exist already for more mobile platforms.