Saturday, September 6, 2008

In Office Training on Gendex CB-500

Yesterday was the day for our hands-on training with the CB-500.  While I've been through training on lots of high tech devices in the past, I've got to tell you this was one of the best experiences I've been through.

First of all, when purchasing expensive technology in the past, it's generally been assumed that the buyer will take the staff and travel somewhere to learn.  In this case, however, the trainer was flown to my location and spent the day giving the staff, my partner, and I intensive instructions on our device.  Personally there is nothing like learning in your own environment with your own equipment.  This increases the comfort level and helps ensure a smooth transition into using the technology.

Our trainer, Nick, was very knowledgeable about the entire system and provided tons of good and useable information.  When the day was over I felt that we were all ready to roll with the device on Monday morning.  As a side note, I hope Nick got back home on time... he was flying through Charlotte and Hanna was knocking at the door.

The images we took on each other and a couple of volunteers are nothing short of amazing.  The future of dentistry is 3D and Gendex is offering a guided tour of that future.  The company has hit a home run here with a great device, great support, and great training.

If you are considering this technology, call your local Gendex dealer!

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  1. which one of the cone beam machines is the best and most affordable in the market in your opinion? and when is it a good time to purchase...I mean after how many implant placements? what if you are a it investing too mcuh too soon?