Monday, September 15, 2008

Home from the CDA in San Francisco

I'm back home after a weekend trip that took me to San Francisco and the California Dental Association's fall meeting. I spent most of my time in the area of the Gendex booth talking to doctors about the GX CB-500. Interest in 3D is definitely increasing. What was once thought to be a fairly unique imaging technology that was "too complex" for the dental office is rapidly reaching a point where it will be readily available if not commonplace.

The questions and interactions I had with doctors showed many were comfortable with the concept of the technology and were now entering the "gathering more info" stage as they prepare to purchase. If you haven't begun to educate yourself about cone beam imaging, you owe it to yourself to do so. Even if you don't intend to own one you will want to send patients for scans and education will help you understand what that entails.

The meeting overall looked to be a tad light in attendance. Although my friends who were there speaking reported good attendance at their courses.

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