Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sprint to Discontinue PCS Mail Service

For long term Sprint users like myself we've had a Sprint PCS e-mail account since the very early days. Back in the day, Sprint was primarily a long distance company and the then tiny wireless division was called for Sprint PCS (for Personal Communication Service). For as long as I've had the ability to connect to the Internet with my Sprint phone, I've had a PCS address. Tonight I got the following e-mail sent to that account:

Important message regarding future changes to PCS Mail service.

Dear Valued Customer,

Sprint is committed to keeping you informed of changes to your
wireless products and services and providing you with the best
solutions to meet your needs.

Our records indicate that you currently use our free email service,
PCS Mail. Through our efforts to continually evaluate our
offerings, the decision was made to discontinue PCS Mail on December
31, 2008.

To ensure you are prepared for this change and have continued access
to your emails, listed below are four recommended steps to take
before December 31, 2008:

1. Sign up for a new email account with an email provider
2. Transfer your existing emails to your new email account
3. Save and transfer your contacts
4. Install our free Mobile Email for instant access to
your email accounts

Please visit to learn more about these steps
and possible service alternatives.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look
forward to continuing to serve your communication needs.

Sprint Product Management

Now I don't know how many people are using the service. With the proliferation of the above mentioned web based e-mail services it may not be cost effective for Sprint to keep the system up and running. However, I've always like the fact that I have my PCS mail account setup to send me a text message whenever an e-mail comes in. I have most of the airlines I fly configured to e-mail updates and reminders to my PCS e-mail address. That way I receive detailed alerts, etc and I know immediately when they come in because a I get a text message.

Of course I can configure a new account to do that, but it just seems odd that Sprint would do away with the service unless I'm the only one using it. It would have been nice if they had given me a reason for the decision instead of simply telling me I had until December to make the change.

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