Sunday, August 3, 2008

Latest iPod Rumors

The security surrounding products at Apple is legendary. Mr. Jobs has consistently kept new product info away from the public eye which has created a frenzy around any keynote talks he gives. What this really means is that we're left to speculate on the small tidbits of info we can glean, but usually it's just rumors and innuendo. To that effect, here's what is circulating regarding iPods.

Apple recently warned their resellers to stock up on certain items, in expectation of an inventory and manufacturing crunch. What can this mean? Well speculation abounds that this means a change in the works for the iPod line.

Probably we'll see a drop in price (a la the iPhone) for greater capacity. There is also a rumor that the new iPod's may also possess GPS capability.

With memory capacity increasing all the time and prices on memory dropping, I think this is a pretty good bet. The GPS, I'm not so sure, but Apple has surprised me before.

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