Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is a Mac Tablet somewhere on the Horizon?

The drawings above detail a patent filing by Apple. What is it? Well speculation abounds about that. It certainly looks like an Apple tablet. But that doesn't mean that one will be showing up in the Apple store any time soon. Jobs and company are well known for developing ideas that don't show up for a while. Of course that isn't always the case.

The reason the iPhone was announced in January and not available until June was due to the fact that the patent filing was about to become public knowledge.

With the proliferation of hand held devices, I can certainly see something like this fitting into the iPhone, iPod, iWhatever genre that Apple has built over the years. Apple always does a remarkable job of keeping info under wraps so even though this device may be in development, don't expect to hear too much about it. My personal opinion is that we won't see this device for some time, but when we do, it will be a ground shaker. I have a Tablet PC, but I'd get in line today for a tablet from Apple.

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