Friday, August 8, 2008

Interoperable Sirius XM Radios to arrive in less than 9 months

Thanks to Orbitcast for the following:

Sirius XM Radio Inc. CEO Mel Karmazin told investors during yesterday's conference call that interoperable radios will be available ahead of the nine-month deadline mandated by the FCC.

"We have an FCC deadline," said Karmazin. "You should assume that we will be a lot closer, a lot faster in that deadline."

"We think today an interoperable radio is something that we would like to see at retail," he added. "So you should assume that will be in a number of months sooner than we committed to the FCC."

But, will we see these radios in stores before the Holiday season? Most likely not, Mel Karmazin told Orbitcast in an interview today.

Karmazin did say that we can expect to see interoperable radios in the first quarter of next year, and can also expect see these new devices make their debut at CES 2009. Karmazin described the device as "very cool," but to expect the device to be in stores this fall would be unrealistic.

Remember, there's a difference between interoperable radios and the a la carte radios/packages. Karmazin confirmed on yesterday's call that "an a la carte radio will hit the stores this fall," and told Orbitcast that specific decisions on the programming packages are mere weeks away.

So XM subscribers who want the "best of" Sirius, and vice versa (like Howard Stern and MLB, for instance), won't have to wait long before new programming is within reach.

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