Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Garmin Nuviphone is delayed until 2009

This post is near and dear to my heart as Garmin's headquarters are here in the heartland and actually not very far from my home. I was excited to hear earlier this year that Garmin was planning on bringing a phone to market.

While GPS is becoming a hot topic/feature in wireless phones (iPhone, Instinct, and others) the big daddy of them all could very well be Garmin as GPS is their core competency. However, now the company is saying that we won't be seeing the Nuviphone until 2009. The release date has not been specified yet leading some industry insiders to speculate that means Q2 of 2009.

The company stated that reason for the delay is a nebulous "carrier specific requirements [that] will take longer than anticipated."

A few years ago, Garmin had a GPS enabled PDA that was pretty sweet, but it never caught on. Here's hoping the Nuviphone does much better.


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  2. Very interesting! I was not aware the Garmin was a player in the cell phone arena.

    I just purchased the Instinct and am very impressed with the navigation abilities of the phone. It's a good alternative to the iPhone; however, certain dental software apps don't work on the Instinct, like they do on the iPhone.

    Sprint uses a service called TeleNav for its navigation, which works well. However, I've never used Garmin, so I don't have any comparison there.

    So is Garmin actually producing the phone internally, or outsourcing?

    I think you're absolutely right, Dr. Flucke...Garmin's core competency would play a major role. Additionally, it seems that they can capitalize on the strong brand that they've built. With TeleNav, white labeling made the most sense since the name is not overly recognizable. So it seems that Garmin has no choice but to come out with their own phone if they want to enforce their brand.

    Hopefully they won't go Apple's route and sign with an exclusive carrier.