Monday, August 11, 2008

Documenting the Trip with the Canon HV-20

I've been a camera fanatic for quite a few years now. When I was in college, I was always the guy with the 35mm grabbing party pics and then distributing prints a few days later. When I got into dentistry my photo taking with professional grade cameras waned a bit due to the cost of the equipment and the fact that developing and cataloging all those photos was a bit of a daunting task.

Once digital photography came around, I was excited to get back into it and I began using a Fuji S-1 with a 120mm Nikor medical lens. Once I saw what a good (at the time) digital camera could do, the idea of a point and shoot camera for anything seemed a step back. I became, I confess, a bit of a camera snob.

This morphed into my purchase of a Fuji S-3 a couple of years ago. It's still my principle camera for my life out of the office. Of course this also means I needed a variety of lenses for different situations. I loved being able to always get the shot no matter what.

The problem with being a camera snob is that despite the fact you almost always get really great shots, you also become a human pack mule; carting a heavy/bulky camera and lenses with you. This began to become a problem as I would travel with my family. Having fun with the wife and kids was more difficult with the S-3 around my neck and a bag of lenses somewhere on me. Last fall I was about to break down and go to a good point and shoot just for the convenience, but at the last minute, I also decided I wanted a new video camera.

I was in the process of building my new office and one of the things I was planning to do was to be able to film or broadcast procedures. To that end, I wanted a good video camera and on the recommendation of my best friend I bought the camera he had recently purchased, the Canon HV-20. It shoots in HD and provides a beautiful picture. I mean, it's HD. How much better can it get?

Now I had another dilemma which was the need to buy and carry a point and shoot on family outings along with the video camera.

This dilemma was remedied by the fact that the HV-20 also takes 3.1 megapixel still photos. Now granted they aren't as great as most point and shoots available today and they certainly can't rival what comes from my Fuji, but it's an all in one device! Carrying the HV-20 allows me to have one relatively small device that lets me do everything I need to do in documenting my trips. I just returned from a trip to St. Louis where I was doing a lecture for Ultradent. The family came with me on this one and I had a great time keeping a record of the trip with one device. The photo at the top is one I took this weekend. Not bad, if I do say so myself. :-)

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