Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comcast to begin capping Comsumer Broadband

From the "I can't believe it" department, comes word that Comcast is now going to begin capping consumer broadband usage. Each account (not household) will be limited to 250GB of data per month. Huh? For those who work at home, backup valuable data over the Net to a remote location, etc this could be an outright disaster.

Add to this the fact that Comcast is not going to provide users any way to monitor their usage and this is a real recipe for consumer rioting. I also love the fact that Comcast is using a "2 strikes and you're out" policy. From C-Net: "Users who go over the limit will get a courtesy call from Comcast's customer service for the first instance. However, under the new policy a second-time offense means the service is immediately suspended for an entire calendar year."

Wow, now that's customer service. First they won't tell you how much you're using and then make the mistake twice and you're account is shut down for a year. Can anyone else see a mass exodus to another provider?

Seems that Comcast has forgotten who the customer is! I'm taking bets on the over & under on how long this ridiculous policy lasts. If I was a Comcast customer (and I'm not thank goodness) I'd be shopping for a new provider now...

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