Sunday, July 13, 2008

A USB Hub with 16 ports!

Wow! If you need extra USB ports for one of your machines, this should sure solve the problem. Although the footprint is big, it will still take up less space than multiple hubs with 4 or 8 ports. Part of the size is dictated by an internal 22.5W power supply. What this means to you is pretty much whatever you plug into it will have plenty of juice to run, charge, you name it. We're all so dependent on USB devices anymore that something like this is a nice thing to see. I personally have an 8 port on my desk at home that connects to my MacBook Pro and I've about maxed it out. The idea of adding another one and the resultant clutter isn't as appealing as putting one of these on the desk.

The price is said to be $139, but I've been unable to verify that as the company website has been down. Hopefully it will be back up soon so click here to read more.

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