Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sprint Instinct a "no go" on network e-mail

At this point in time I'm not sure what the issue is, but my Instinct has now been without an e-mail connection for over 12 hours. I've gotten the error "unable to loo up the network address. (S7805)" ever since last night.

I went so far as to even reset my e-mail which, of course, wiped out both of my accounts, but alas no joy.

I'm hoping that someone can either fix the problem on the network or at least advise me on what's going on. I'm personally not sure at this point, but when a communication device goes down it's a major inconvenience.

A little "googling" of the error message shows widespread problems starting last night. Sprint? Where are you?


  1. Were you ever able to solve your email access problem with your Instinct? I am unable to get my msn mail. What's the point of having a phone that gives you your email if it only works 20% of the time??

  2. Hi Lainey,

    Sorry about the delay in this post, better late than never... I suppose. I *was* able to solve the problem. The answer is in this post: