Tuesday, July 1, 2008

PerioPal Sortware Launches a FREE Download Program for Periodontal Exams

For those of you looking for a voice recognition system that will simplify the entering of perio data, take a look at PerioPal. The software is specificallly designed for the dental environment and interfaces with your practice management software.

Beaumont, Texas – June 20, 2008 – PerioPal LLC today announced a landmark move to create a software platform for the next-generation of internet and periodontal charting software users. Having seen a tremendous momentum with its ‘Pay-Per-Use’ licensing policy, PerioPal has now developed a free download version to acquaint clinicians across the world with its powerful voice driven periodontal charting software.

“As PerioPal's user population continues to grow, practice owners across North America have asked us to take the next logical step – a free download.”, says Michael Reeves, PerioPal’s software developer. “Internet developments in the health sector are rapidly evolving to challenge existing systems and create new ways to enable clinicians to better care for their patients. We are excited to offer the dental community a risk-free opportunity to explore, train, and integrate PerioPal into the practice. We believe a free download together with our proven ‘Pay-Per-Use’ licensing model increases quality care, practice revenue and business planning.”

Get Acquainted
The user-focused download version allows clinicians to get acquainted with the benefits of PerioPal’s voice driven periodontal charting software. Complete with 25 exams, comprehensive training materials, and a link to PerioPal-compatible headsets, users have everything they need to test and evaluate PerioPal’s voice driven periodontal charting software.

Latest and Greatest Application
The Download copy of PerioPal’s software is 100% functional including the latest version of PerioPal. Users can download, install, register, train, record and report up to 25 periodontal exams. To use the software beyond the trial exam period, users simply order more exams and have the system integrated into the dental system.

Another new feature is the ‘Accelerated Advance’ which offers an improved advancing option to
efficiently navigate the screen as the exam occurs reducing the enrollment time of periodontal data by 25 %.

Pricing and Availability
After an evaluation with the download exams, additional blocks of exams may be purchased on the internet through a simple transaction activating the additional exams on the database.

The price per exam is based upon the number of exams purchased. Purchasing in bulk will save as the cost per exam decreases at higher quantities. Ongoing software upgrades are automatically included. PerioPal comes Bridge and Network Ready.

The download version of PerioPal is available at www.periopal.com/pages/download.htm.

About PerioPal
In 2006, PerioPal LLC responded to the needs of the dental practice by launching an innovative ‘Pay-Per- Use’ licensing policy for periodontal exams enabling the PerioPal system to be installed on as many workstations as desired. All workstations sharing a database are able to access a common “pool” of activated exams. When an exam is initiated, the system utilizes one activated exam. Any PerioPal workstation having access to the database can recall a previously recorded exam regardless of which workstation initially performed the exam.

PerioPal is a verbal software tool, allowing hands-free periodontal charting. With PerioPal, the user can verbally record, chart, store and report a periodontal exam as it occurs, dramatically resolving the clinical challenges of traditional periodontal charting as well as increasing office productivity. PerioPal records periodontal exams with either the Universal Numbering System or the FDI World Dental Federation System.

To learn more about PerioPal, visit www.periopal.com

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