Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ordering from Amazone direct from your Tivo

I have a Tivo and have been a big fan ever since I got one for my birthday several years ago. Even though there are several DVR's on the market, those of us who are Tivo users have a great loyalty to the device and one of the reasons is the innovative features that are built into it or come via upgrades.

The latest upgrade idea comes in the form of ordering from Amazon. It seems that the Tivo people are developing the following scenario into a real world solution. Imagine that you are watching Oprah and she is discussing the latest book in her book club. Pushing a button the Tivo remote will connect you to Amazon and allow you to buy the book from Amazon. Pretty slick!

As long as the viewer isn't overwhelmed with little pop-ups reminding them to order, this could be a pretty good marriage.

Of course if you own a Kindle you could just download the book on the spot...

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