Thursday, July 3, 2008

OK, OK, so no Samsung Instinct update... yet

Well, when you live in the world of reporting, sometimes you go public with a rumor and... you miss. That was my experience this week with the Sprint Instinct update. My bad, but I still feel there is one coming in the near future. The moment I get mine to update, there will be a post here about it.

In other Instinct news, the device seems to be a very successful product from Sprint. My sources tell me that in the first 4 days of launch 60,000 units were sold.

Here in KC there are billboards everywhere touting the device. Also, wherever I go, if I use the phone people want to know what it is. I find that interesting as I've never had that happen before. Of course, I've never owned an iPhone either so maybe it's just the monolithic appearance of the device. Anyway, after about 2 weeks with the device, I'm still loving it. However, Sprint needs to get the calendar sync fixed. I'm currently using Google calendar and the web to keep track of my life, but it would be mucho easier if it was on the device itself. Since I'm a Mac user there is currently no way to do that.

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