Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LED Headlamps from High Q Dental

High Q makes good products at reasonable prices. We've been testing their Starbright 1W white LED for a couple of months now. I've had it being used by my assistant and hygienist as well as using it a bit myself. Our overall experience has been a tremendous "thumbs up". The Starbright comes in 2 variations, one fits onto your existing "loupes" (which are actually surgical telescopes) while the other has a clip that will allow it to attach to regular safety glasses. You can order it in several different variations, the system comes in either product specific clips for loupes; the standard clip for TTL or Safety Glasses; or on a headband.

The light source is easy to position, light, bright, and easy to use. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries. We chose to use rechargables.

These have been extremely handy for my assistant because when we built my new facility I did not purchase track lights for the rooms that I work in. I use a headlight for everything so a dental tracklight was just an added expense. The Starbright has been a nice adjunct to our office.

You can get more info from the High Q website.

The company is now selling a 3W version called "Ray". I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to get my hands on one!

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