Monday, July 28, 2008

Evaluation of Ray light from High Q Dental

I've had about 2 weeks of use with the Ray from High Q now and I'm impressed.

The device is a 3 watt LED light that comes with a variety of ways of attaching to safety glasses, loupes, etc. I've personally been using the "clipboard" type clip and attaching it to the brim of my Royals hat.

The light is bright and provides good illumination of the field. Both brightness and diameter of the spot are very good. The weight is hardly noticeable whether on attached to my hat or glasses.

Cord length is good. It is easy to have the light attached and have the battery pack in a pocket or on your belt/waist. The cord is long enough to accomplish this without being "too long" and leaving extra wire to deal with.

Battery life: excellent. A full day of use is easily accomplished.

Battery charging is easy. The light cord unscrews from the battery pack and the charger attaches in the same place the light cord does. The charger has an LED that indicates when charging is complete.

The price is also very good making this an affordable device for those looking for an auxilary lighting system. I like the Ray very much and recommend it highly.

The company website is here.

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