Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eaglesoft is now FREE!

For as long as I've had my office computerized on the Windows platform, I've used Eaglesoft. I've been through thick and thin with the company even before they were a Patterson subsidiary.

Now the software that runs my practice can run yours too... with one substantial difference. You can get your copy of Eaglesoft for free. That's right, Patterson is now literally giving the software away.

Now, what this means to the dentist is that you will not pay for the front office portion of the program. Support fees will still apply and you will have to pay for the clinical portion of the software that allows for digital charting, radiography, etc.

You may be asking yourself, "Why now? What's the catch?" Here's what my sources at the company have told me.

  • Patterson wants everyone digital in all phases of their practice. To do this, offices will need a good software package. I refer to management software as "the practice operating system" and Patterson has taken that to a heart.
  • If every practice is digital, more digital equipment will be sold. Patterson hopes that by giving the software away, they will eventually sell more digital products.
  • 95% of all offices have some type of software already, but only 30% are using one of the 4 largest companies. This means there is a large market for Eaglesoft.
  • The company feels that they can still make money on support fees, electronic services, and digital hardware.
All that the company is asking is 1 month of support fees up front and a 1 year support commitment to get started.

This has caused a bit of a shakeup in the dental software industry and it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.


  1. Patterson has huge ethical issues,in my opinion, beginning with fielding Cerec machines which did not yield a restoration that fit until the most recent software revision. Which means that the DDS who became their "Subway Jared" in Detroit, cranking out thousands of dollars worth of ceramic blocks floating in seas of cement monthly, never delivered a single milled restoration that fit--and they're walking around all over Wayne County, Michigan, as I type this!

    So...I acquired Patterson's Schick digital package in December, 2007, along with countless other dentists taking advantage of Section 179, and paid $1800 for their digital imaging software.
    I called their technology center today and asked for my money back. They said they'd contact my branch manager who will call me this week.
    Meanwhile, this rep's attempt to assuage me for having had the misfortune of buying something less than a year ago that's now free fell way short of appeasement. Corporate doubletalk: "We've repositioned our products" and "it's a matter of timing." I'll report back here with exactly how they handled this dilemma as soon as this meeting takes place.

    I don't blame Patterson for finally getting fed up with Dentrix kicking their ass as it relates to market share. But, they OWE their loyal customers something besides faint reassurance that they've had "use of the product" all this time.
    Gimme a break!

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