Thursday, July 31, 2008

ACCUPAL® Comfortable Palatal Injection System is now FDA registered

Little Rock, AR – July 18th, 2008 – ACCUPAL, Inc. recently announced that its patent-pending ACCUPAL® Comfortable Palatal Injection System is now FDA registered and ready to ship anywhere in the United States.

Specifically, ACCUPAL is a cordless, compact, handheld device that effectively pre-conditions the oral tissue to receive virtually pain-free palatal or other intraoral dental injections that were previously unobtainable via manual injections or through the use of other devices.

According to ACCUPAL president and inventor Michael Zweifler, DDS, “I developed ACCUPAL because I was tired of inflicting pain and fear on my patients, which often caused them to put off necessary treatment. I also wanted my pediatric dentistry patients to have a positive, more comfortable experience from the very beginning and, hopefully, break the pain-fear-pain cycle that has been affecting generations of dental patients. ACCUPAL is for any dentist looking for an effective, yet affordable way to practice dentistry that is virtually pain-free.”

ACCUPAL incorporates four known and proven pain-reducing theories into one economical, user-friendly device:

  1. ACCUPAL incorporates the “Pain Gate” theory to energize the dental tissue in and around the site to be punctured by the needle.1

  2. ACCUPAL’s ultrasonic tissue stimulation disrupts the tissue injection site to allow standard topical gel to pre-condition the injection site, thus further reducing the needle’s pain-producing effects.

  3. ACCUPAL vibrates the needle at the injection site. The pain-reducing effects of direct needle vibration are well documented as having a positive effect on injection comfort.2

  4. ACCUPAL ensures that the clinician inserts the needle bevel at its narrowest point, which provides the most minimally invasive path possible and reduced tissue damage to deliver a comfortable palatal injection every time.

The innovative palatal injection device was well received during its earliest phases of development. According to Greg Stafford, DDS, an early user of ACCUPAL, “I will never give a palatal or any other intraoral injection without the benefit of ACCUPAL.” Another early adopter, B.G. Cremeen, DDS, said, “I’ve been a practicing dentist for more than 50 years and I consider ACCUPAL to be one of the top 5 products I’ve ever used.”

ACCUPAL is available online at and is very affordable when compared to other high-tech dental anesthesia delivery devices on the market. For example, the complete starter package, which includes the ACCUPAL cordless handpiece, 50 disposable tips, a patient education CD-ROM and a clinician training CD-ROM, is priced at $479.00 plus shipping and handling. Additional handpieces can be purchased at $179.00 + S&H and disposable tips are available for $99.00 + S&H for a package of 50, $189.95 + S&H for 100 and $279.95 + S&H for 150. Additional patient education and clinician training CD-ROMs are also available.

Don’t let the affordable price fool you,” says Dr. Zweifler. “ACCUPAL is a US-made, high-quality, patent-pending, FDA-registered device that has been put through very stringent clinical and lab trials. ACCUPAL is the ‘Main Street’ dentist’s answer to over-engineered and over-priced dental anesthesia delivery devices that are currently on the market, which, quite frankly, I couldn’t afford for my practice.”

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