Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wester Digital releases Scorpio Black Hard Drives with Free Fall Sensor

Western Digital has a new product. A hard drive with movable parts that is designed to help itself survive a drop. Standard hard drives work with a spinning platters and an arm that reads them, sort of like a vinyl record and a stylus arm. The obvious problem with this design is when the drive is dropped or bumped and the arm comes crashing down onto the platter. This can cause disk damage and data loss.
To combat this problem, WD has come up with a way for the hard drive to protect itself. From the WD web site:
Free-fall sensor - As an added layer of protection, if the drive (or the system it’s in) is dropped while in use, WD’s free-fall sensor detects that the drive is falling and, in less than 200 milliseconds, parks the head to help prevent damage and data loss.
You can read more about this new technology here.

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