Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Samsung Instinct and ePocrates

I've received some inquires regarding the compatibility of the Instinct with ePocrates.

While there is currently not a downloadable version, I have a work around that is so far working quite nicely for me. Simply purchase the ePocrates online version which gives you web access. That way you can easily access the ePocrates website over the hi speed data connection. The Instinct's web browser will easily and quickly render the site which gives you the same information that is available for a PDA format.

The good news about this, is not only can you now access ePocrates on your portable device, but you can also access it anywhere you have a computer. Since most dental professionals are not mobile this is a simple and effective solution.

If ePocrates does decide to offer an Instinct version, you'll know about it the moment that I do!

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