Monday, June 2, 2008

Hydro Floss Evaluation

hydro floss I've been using the Hydro Floss for over 2 weeks now and here are my impressions.

  1. Quality - The device is solid and well built.  Nothing "flimsy" or substandard about  it.  It appears to be built to last.  The packaging is good and sturdy.  It comes with a CD that explains the usage and cleaning of the device.
  2. Usage - In my practice we encourage our patients to purchase oral irrigators and I've enjoyed the Hydro Floss.  I've made it part of my nightly regimen since I received it.  Even after careful brushing with & flossing, the device will sometimes flush out small pieces of debris that were left behind.
  3. Tips - The device comes with 4 color coded tips so that 4 different family members can use the device.  There are other tips available from the manufacturer.
  4. Cleanable - The device is easy to clean and maintain.
  5. Overall - I'm pleased with the Hydro Floss and its performance.  IIn a short period of time it has become something that I enjoy using and will continue to use.

For more info or to purchase, click here for the company website.

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